Friday, May 13, 2011

A Stitch in Time Part Two

I'm back home now from the class with Colleen Babcock. We had such a great group to work with. Collleen of course, is a great teacher. She makes sure everyone goes home happy!
Taking a class is great "cross training" as my friend Nancy says! It sure gives the Creative Muse stimulation and there's so much to be said for a creative weekend away from the chores!
Here's a picture of Colleen's doll. When I'm taking a class, I ususally follow instructions closely, then the subsequent dolls willl evolve into my own personal style.

Here's my doll in progress. The wrapping took some time!

Here's my doll with the surcoat pinned on, beside those of my classmates, Joanne and Stephanie.

Since leaving class, I have added hair, but that is it for now. I will get her done, for sure. She has turned out so well. I can see myself creating variations of this doll.
Can't you just see it in Christmas colours?

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  1. I'm up to the hair, too. I need to order some Kreinik braid...the stuff I had keeps falling apart! Grrr...


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