Friday, April 1, 2011

Leslie Bailey class

Last weekend, I had the joy of hosting Leslie Bailey for a class here in Ottawa. What a fun time we had, as Leslie led us through the process of creating an elf with polymer clay.

Leslie broke it down step by step. Every head turned out so well! I think all the class went home happy. I know I certainly did. Even when fingers snapped off, Leslie showed us how to put that right and mine lost several! He has now been baked for a final time and looks amazing!

The Marquis, by Edwina Sutherland

My fellow wouldn't become an elf though. To me he looked more like a Marquis. I have been reading "The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B." by Sandra Gulland. Such a good book. All the descriptions of costume during the French Revolution must have influenced me, because I soon had this snooty looking character glaring at me!

So, a Marquis he will be. I have his pose, now for his costume. Do you think it should be pink stripes or yellow?

The Marquis


  1. Wow he's awesome, i love him and i think Pink would be brilliant and go with his snooty character lol :)

  2. ooh he's lovely! go Royal purple! or I think a bright sunny yellow would really be charming

  3. He looks great! So sophisticated, upper class!

  4. Yes he definitely looks like a Marquis. What about a pale blue stripe?

  5. Yes. I see stripes in his costume for sure. Great ideas, and thanks!

  6. Wow,I really, really love him. You always get such personality in your dolls. Very expressive.
    I vote yellow stripes.


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