Friday, April 8, 2011

Flat doll challenge

Marie Antoinette

Here is the flat doll I am making for an online swap. The theme is Marie Antoinette. I had a lot of fun dressing her, using bits of sari fabric. She is on her way to the next swap partner now, for more trimmings.  I could have sold this doll last week!!

Mine has a steam punk theme and I have made one for myself, to see how it went. I am still deciding what to do with the chain. She will also lose the hair and get a helmet of some description.

Steam punk doll

I like the challenge of a flat doll. No fussing with detailed finishing or fit. Just put the idea into motion. This doll was jointed at the knees. I love the hair treatment and can't wait to see what happens next with that.

Flat doll #3
This is the last one to do. I need to add some shoes and accessories. her dress was made reversible!! So She may need extra shoes!! This is just like when I used to play with paper dolls! Confess: who played with paper dolls and loved it?
We are also creating some extra dolls, to send to our dolly friends Down Under, who were affected by the floods and quakes.


  1. oh wow their awesome! I love them so detailed and inspiring

  2. These really are a lot of fun to create. No rules!!


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