Friday, March 25, 2011

A visit to my Studio

I was honoured this week with a group of visiotrs to my studio. They were friends of the National Gallery here in Ottawa, a study group, who visit artists studios.

I spent the afternoon before getting my studio tidied up , all my sewing projects put away and the art spread out on all surfaces, for easy viewing. It looked pretty respectable once finished!

There were about 14 people in the group, which was quite a crowd in my studio. I gave a little presentation, explaining my artist's methodology, that I was part of the West End Studio Tour and my background. Then I let them ask questions. I think the most difficult medium to explain to people is needle felting. Quite a few people have tried knitting and felting things, which is not like needle felting at all. I gave a little demo on how it works, but I could not see the light bulbs going on.

Horatio and Dame Edith are prime examples. Completely made with wool fiber, every detail is wool, all the face shading and colour is wool fiber. perhaps the mystery of the process helps its cachet!

The group was very appreciative, and I was certainly grateful for their visit and many flattering comments. It's a great boost with what I am doing to share my work in this way to such a warm audience.

Dame Edith
Thanks for coming, everyone!!


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