Friday, January 14, 2011

New doll

A new doll is underway! I have scaled her to be a child doll, to fit with my Annabella pattern. Our doll club, All Dolled Up, is having an 1812 challenge, to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the war of 1812. We decided the dolls should match in scale, so we needed a child doll.

I gave this one a youthful face. Freckles help that along! I designed the pattern to be either a boy or girl, 10-12 years old. I used woven cotton, I mostly work in this fabric. It could be made in a stretch fabric, though what size it would become, I'm not sure. Perhaps a good idea if one wanted a plumper figure.

The face is coloured using gel pens, pencils and powdered make up. She'll be dressed in the same style as my 1812 class. that's a short gown and petticoat. Today is my day to work on her and get her dressed. The body parts are all pinned, though i expect I'll pose her to be working in some way.

Don't forget - this month, if you leave a comment, you will be entered in the draw for a FREE class!


  1. Edwina Where do you get the woven cotton fabric that you use here in Canada...or do you buy it online? I've search around Toronto and haven't found anything that I feel is good enough to use

  2. Hi Edwina: This is a very pretty doll. I'm still working on my "lazy cat" felting project (took a break over the holidays, plus had a bad cough), but would love to try and learn a new craft such as this. Looking forward to reading more about doll-making from your blog. (Laurence,

  3. Hi Edwina
    I make dolls of all kinds and of all materials, but since one year I make dolls of dust and i like it.
    Compliments for you dolls
    friendly Regards isabel
    Ps sorry for my bad English writing

  4. To answer Mary Ann's question: I get my pink cotton for dolls at the local quilt store. I look for the closest weave I can find, then take it home, boil it up to shrink it and wash it.

    I also keep an eye out for men's shirts in the right shades. the cloth is much better quality than anything I find in fabric stores. The same goes for high thread count sheets. If you find a deal on one - snap it up!

  5. Thanks Edwina for your response:) I had thought about buying a good quality white sheet and dying it the right colour. I ordered some fabric from the website of a well known doll maker and was very disappointed with the quality and it frayed dreadfully. Maybe boiling and shrinking it might be the answer. I had never thought about men's shirts....hmmmmm:)


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