Friday, January 21, 2011

New cloth doll emerging

Cloth doll pattern
My new doll design is now called Tilly. perhaps Silly Tilly, I'm still deciding. You may recall, this doll is being designed for our doll club's 1812 challenge. She's 12" or so tall and is designed to be a child about 10 or 12 years old. This makes her proportionately a child to my Annabella doll pattern.

Since this will be a tableau, I wanted to convey some form of activity. so Tilly will be shooing chickens or maybe sheep. once I have finished the doll, i will needle felt some chickens. If those don't turn out well, I'll do a sheep, which is easier!

The pattern can also be a boy, since the figure is juveniles. So next, I may dress the figure as a baker boy.

I have made 1812 clothes for Tilly, but need to finish sewing her together before I dress her. Clothes are easier to make before you pose the figure. the shoes and wig are on, so I know she balances well. Sometimes I find the wig can make the doll top heavy! you can add weights, which I have done, but I wanted this doll free standing.

Blog giveaway
Just wanted to send a shout out to Colleen Babcock, who kindly featured my blog on hers last week, helping to promote my 1812 class giveaway. If you comment on my blog this month, you will be entered in the draw to win one of 3 online classes. The Costuming an 1812 doll class can be previewed on my Edwina dolls site.


  1. wow that doll is amazing! even undressed as she is! the details are so life like

  2. Great doll! The features are well done and life-like. Love the proportions.


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