Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday photo

Since you asked, I thought I’d write about the picture from Wednesday. I took this in my friend’s back garden in Surrey, England. It’s an English mailbox, very old. You may observe it has the “E II R” insignia, which dates it to Queen Elizabeth’s reign, but it’s old. You don’t see new mailboxes in walls anymore.

On my last trip home to England and Wales, I was struck by the mail boxes or post boxes as they call them. They call the free standing ones Pillar boxes. I love that title! They were everywhere, almost calling out to be used in this age of email. Their cries kept calling to me and I now have quite a collection of photos of them. You may find more on another Wordless Wednesday! Maybe I’ll do a series. Some dated back to George III’s reign.

So the wall box was being decommissioned and my friend bought it and installed it in her garden. The ivy is a fitting tribute to its decades of use, I think, like a warm blanket for a cold wall.

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