Tuesday, December 29, 2009

These are two vessels I made. They were created using wet felting, which is the process of laying wool fibre over a form, then wetting it down and soaping it, rubbing it, and finally beating it until it becomes felt! The whole process is very labour intensive! A real workout and good stress reducer!

Two friends and I got together to create the yellow one, which I call Primary. I incorporated all sorts of yarns and elements into the felt, so that I could raise them to add texture. This was done with stitching and manipulating the damp felt. My friend Val generously opened her many drawers of embroidery silks for us to use.

The green vessel was my very first. I took a workshop with Sharon Costello a couple of years ago to learn the technique. Two days hard labour and it needed more work when we got home! It really speaks to me though, and I won't sell it. The other one has been sold. Sometimes things are created and it's okay to part with them. It's as if they need to move on. Others need to stay with me, at least a while longer.

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